All were merged into one smoothly working machine; they were,

in fact, a poem of motion, a symphony of swinging blades.


dragon boat paddling in front of Fairlawn Mansion
Blue Water Paddling team practice
Blue Water Paddling team photo


Are you looking for a new experience? Experience paddling the St. Louis Bay from a 43-foot dragon boat. Dragon boating is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world and a lifelong way to exercise and meet new people!


Open Paddle Night

Every Tuesday night at 6:30pm we hold an Open Paddle Night for the community to come together for a night of paddling. We usually warm up with a game of frisbee or tag coupled with dynamic stretching. We hope to see you on the water!

Join Us!

The Club

Blue Water Paddling is a dragon boat club. After attending the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals throughout the Midwest, we wanted to create a place for the sport and a community to grow in the Twin Ports.


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